This is a chronicle for a decade long crime, and the life it took.  It is evidence of a mental execution, and trace of a mind’s extinction, told from the perspective of the corpse.  It is a small glimpse into the tactics of the smoothest criminal – the abusive mind. I am not proud of the contents of this space; I wish it weren’t real…

In this hidden corner, I make a feeble attempt at releasing some of the venom that was injected in me by an abusive and manipulative partner. I have no effective recourse to cope with the debilitating pain and crippling wounds I was inflicted, so I’ll just throw some words in space.

I’ve seen the dirtiest side of life.  I wish I’d never been exposed to it, but in my ignorance I  was forced to endure it, and I now’ve grown to represent it. It is a plague that destroyed who I was, and made me forever ashamed to continue existing as nothing but a frustrated bioshell. It is something I had not talked about, something kept hidden for over a dozen years, for the benefit of another. The very other who then chose to take away my oxygen and leave me scathing. After keeping it bottled up for so long, I feel as in a dreamlike state, an unyielding parallel reality.  From writing, I don’t seek readership, I seek release.  After being mentally battered, controlled and blackmailed through my whole adult life, I’d like to try to open up about it, even in the smallest degree.

If someone happens to come across this, I hope you don’t relate to it, as no one should ever really know, the place where something like this comes from.

And to those theoretical passers by – Cheers!  May your days be fun yet productive, and your lifetime stimulating yet peaceful.


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